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If you are looking for general garden maintenance including clearing beds, weeding, pruning of shrubs and flowers, we have a Shrewsbury based lady who if you live within Shropshire will work with you to keep your borders and beds in tip top condition for you to enjoy.

Anita Davies will work on small or large gardens within Telford, Shrewsbury and most of Shropshire, offering one off garden tidying or regular maintenance. She is happy to attend from one hour or several hours depending on your wishes.

Anita is also happy to mow grass as required. To find out more about Anita's services, use the link

Anita will provide a full range of garden bed and lawn maintenance servicesn in Telford, Shrewsbury and the rest of Shropshire including:

Dig or no-dig?

Digging over borders can achieve a finished look or surface hoeing and an application of a mulch of your choice for a no-dig regime, digging over beds is not the only way of keeping borders in pristine condition.

It is suggested that digging can damage soil life such as important micro-organisms, fungi and worms, that help feed plant roots. Micro-organisms are destroyed by exposure to the sun when lifted to the surface. A no-dig regime does not disrupt the soil's ecosystem and it remains intact.

Digging can bring dormant seeds to the surface and start germination. Some weeds such as bindweed can break when digging and produce root cuttings that can spread to other beds. Earth worms create a healthy crumb structure by making tiny air pockets and the absence of clods produced by digging apparently reduces cover for slugs.

A no-dig regime suggests shallow hoeing, hand weeding, using contact weedkillers and mulching. Mulches can be taken into the soil by organisms and fertilisers are washed in by the rain.

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