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Some of these designs you may like, some you may not. We give every customer what they want, not what we want, and thankfully everyone is different so we never get bored!

Garden makeover featuring sunken garden in Homer Lake, Telford

This medium sized garden had one big problem, a slope down from the house to the fence making the garden completely unpractical.

We worked closely with the customer to look at the best way of maximising the space available in the garden.

The finished design featured a sandstone patio next to the house which then stepped down to a level sunken garden area which is the focal point of the design.

The sunken garden was retained using timber sleepers and here we laid a sandstone circle and this was to be the primary seating area with three additional seating areas within the garden.

From the sunken garden, we installed a further set of steps leading back up to the other side of the garden. Here we installed 30mm Premier Plus Grono artifical lawn. We had to retain the slope on this side of the garden so installing Grono artifical turf was the perfect solution. The customer has two dogs so this area was perfect for the dogs.

We visited the customer 6 months later to make sure things were ok and they now (July) spend more time sitting in the garden than the house. A lot of the neighbours have seen the garden and love it and they have had numerous barbecues since the garden was completed and they are thrilled with the results.

Note from the photos how a few strategically placed ornaments and pots can put the finishing touches on your new garden project.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Tiered Mediterranean beach style garden in St Georges, Telford

With a very small available garden space, we needed to accommodate two seating areas (sun and shade), an artifical lawn, a water feature, low maintenance beds and garden lighting.

The garden was tiered using RSJ steel and cladded with fully treated decking boards to soften the feel of the garden.

Indian sandstone was used for the lower and upper seating area and for the step connecting the two tiers.

On the upper tier, a small area of Astro or artifical turf was installed as real turf would not have been suitable under a massive hedge.

To create a beach effect, Bamboo poles and hessian rope were installed to link the two tiers together and also add dimension to the garden. Under this, a stand alone water feature was installed in a small area of Scottish pebbles and cobbles.

Remote control colour changing LED lighting was installed along the bamboo and this complemented the lighting of the water feature.

We installed ground level beds in the upper tier, and ground level beds in the lower tier. A planting scheme was devised utilising hardy palms, yucca, cordlines, phormium and lots of grasses to complete the mediterranean feel.

What we started with / After the bank had been dug out

The 'After' Photos

Large garden makeover with brickwork in Stirchley, Telford

This faily large garden required tiering and a better use of the garden space.

The patio at the end of the garden was extended and brickwork used to create the distinct levels of the garden.

Indian sandstone was used throughout for the patio areas and pathways.

The lawns were relayed and edged with block paving to act as a mowing strip.

The concrete pad down the side of the house was taken up and block paving laid.

A tiered brick wall was built between the existing drive and the side path with coping stones and pier caps to finish it off.

All of the work in this project was straight forward and the garden layout did not actually change much from the original layout, but by tiering the garden and formalising the distinct areas within the garden, each area of the garden becomes more practical and manageable.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Overgrown garden in Dawley, Telford

This completely impractical and very large garden required the removal of a shed, greenhouse, pond, and a lot of raised brick walls before we could even start clearing and levelling the ground.

We then designed and created a low maintenance garden with multiple seating areas on a single level, a minimal lawn, and a raised terraced area to site a Hot Tub.

The result was a much more usable space ideal for entertaining and zero maintenance apart from a very small lawn to mow.

The customers were very pleased and as a result wrote us a reference which can be seen here.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Garden makeover in Apley, Telford

This small garden had a small unusable patio and an unmanagable lawn.

We tiered the garden by installing a sleeper retainer and raised vegetable beds using tanalised pine sleepers.

A patio and path was built around the conservatory and we also built a brick base for a new timber greenhouse.

The customer was very pleased with the work and as a result we have been back to do additional work.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Tiered garden makeover in Wellington, Shropshire

This garden had a dangerous drop down to a lower level. The end of the patio and bank were crumbling away and the steps were falling apart.

We used RSJ steels and sleepers to create a safe tiered garden. This then enabled us to create three distinct level seating areas with steps running between the levels.

For additional safety we also installed picket fencing around the top tier to prevent children from accessing the steps down.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Large garden makeover in Randley, Telford

This large garden was in serious need of some TLC. The biggest problem was drainage, there wasnt any! Before starting any landscaping work, we dug a series of drainage channels and a large soakaway to take away the excess water.

The pond was in a bad state of repair and we completely rebuilt this with a new liner and new stone.

The old walls were taken down and the garden levelled. We then installed new patio areas using setts, built a large timber pergola for an additional seating area and returfed the lawn.

The remaining walls were painted the customers favorite colour and the photos show the finished result.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Patio and raised beds in Wellington, Shropshire

The customer wanted a level and practical garden featuring natural stone with some raised beds.

The turf was removed and the garden levelled. We used natural sandstone for the paving and the setts. The walls were made using Marshalls walling blocks, and we had the coping made to order using concrete moulds and dye to match in with the walling blocks.

The result is a very simple but effective design to meet the needs of the customer who was very happy with the result.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Sandstone paving in Newport, Shropshire

A small but tricky job here. The customer wanted all of the existing 1970's crazy paving replacing with natural sandstone paving and setts without disturbing the tree.

We installed the sandstone paving and sandstone sett edging around the tree and also around the perimeter of the front lawn.

Although only a small job, it made a big impact visually and as well as the customer being impressed, we received a lot of compliments from the neighbours as well.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Small garden makeover in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

A straight forward small garden makeover. The customer had a small patio of uneven slabs that they wanted replacing. They also had a greenhouse that they wanted to utilise and they wanted a playhouse for young children. Finally they wanted raised beds for low maintenance.

We levelled the garden and installed slab bases for the greenhouse and new playhouse utilising the old paving slabs.

The raised beds were installed using tanalised pine sleepers and filled with good quality top soil.

A new level patio was installed with stepping stones leading across the new lawn to the greenhouse and playhouse.

This is a good example of what kind of transformation can be achieved in a short space of time in a small garden space.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Low maintenance garden makeover in Doseley, Telford

This was a small garden on the new development in Doseley. The brief was a low maintenance garden on a budget. The customer did not want any lawn, just a new patio and raised beds.

We cleared and levelled the garden. We used a standard buff riven slab for the patio and path and edged the central area with charcoal setts to give make it stand out from the rest of the garden. The central area was finished with Golden Flint gravel.

We built the raised beds into 2 L shape beds with an additonal patio area at the end of the garden to finish the makeover.

Again something like this can be achieved relatively quickly and cheaply. It is a simple low maintenance design that will stand the test of time.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Front garden makeover in Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Having previously landscaped the rear garden for this customer, they kindly asked us back to landscape the area at the front of the house.

The old slabs and sloping surface material were taken away and new slabs were laid level with a new front step up to the front door.

We added a small circle for a water feature and finished the infill areas with slate.

A very simple design but a massive transformation from what was there to start with. It impressed the neighbour and as a result of this job, we secured a large landscaping project with the neighbour.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Very small garden makeover in Lawley Village, Telford

This garden was 8m x 5m on a new development in Lawley Village and the lawn was more of a mud pit, the drainage was appalling. The customer had a design in mind and this was the basis of the project.

The mud (sorry lawn!) was removed and hardcore was brought in to aid the drainage.

The paving is a Tobomore Mayfair flag in graphite and silver contrasting colours. The setts are Tobomore Mayfair setts also in graphite and silver.

The white gravel is Spanish Dolomite, not a stock item but if you have any specific requirements, we have good contacts with suppliers locally and nationwide.

The turf is artificial Grono Premium Plus 30mm, one of the best on the market. Artificial turf has reduced in price in the last few years and is becoming increasingly popular.

The result was a contemporary garden with clean lines which is also very practical. The customer said that the results 'exceeded her expectations'.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

Garden makeover in Ketley, Telford

This rear garden had a very small patio with an impractical bank running from this down to the bottom of the garden.

To make the area more usable, we installed a sleeper retainer and levelled the two areas either side of it to create two usable areas.

The black paving is Kadapha natural limestone, and the bespoke trellis was made by ourselves to create a feeling of privacy in the patio area.

The customer was very happy and as a result is already considering the next phase of work on the front garden at a leter date.

The 'Before' Photos

The 'After' Photos

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