Raised Beds using Sleepers

Almost all of the Shropshire garden makeovers we have completed have included some form of raised beds, and most of the raised beds we have installed have been constructed using sleepers.

The advantages of raised beds are:
  • Low maintenance - As we ensure that raised beds are filled with a good quality well drained compost or top soil there is no need for you to have to keep digging in good compost every year. The compost that is in the bed stays there, rather than being washed away by the first heavy rainfall.
  • Space - If you have a small garden then space is a premium. Raised beds give you the ability to have the plants and shrubs you want in a small easy to manage area.
  • Weed control - Raised beds limit the area that weeds and their roots can spread to so you can keep tight control over not only weeds but the plants and shrubs you do want to keep. This root control is a bonus when dealing with plants such as bamboo which have very evasive root systems.
  • Excellent drainage - The loose texture of the compost / top soil allows rain water to filter down to the roots rather than running off as they would in a ground level bed. The raised bed thus holds the moisture so you spend less time having to water the beds.
  • No frozen beds - As the beds are raised off the ground there is less chance of the beds freezing as heat is held in the raised beds a lot longer than it would be at ground level.
  • Design - Let's face it, large sprawling beds are not the prettiest of things especially when the dog or cat has ran all over them. Raised beds protect your plants from your pets and literally add a new dimension to your garden. And don't forget they are made from timber so even though they are fully treated you can if you wish paint them any colour you desire although most people love the natural timber look.
  • No more back ache - There are not many of us that enjoy getting down on our hands and knees to keep the gardening looking good. If you are mobility challenged in any way then being able to work without kneeling on a cold floor doing back breaking work has got to be a bonus. For a lot of people this is the single most important reason to have raised beds installed.

We can supply softwood or Oak sleepers of various sizes depending on your requirements.

We only use fully treated timber sleepers and all of our raised beds are professionally constructed and secured into the ground with concrete so there is no chance of the construction moving.

The raised sleeper beds can be painted if you wish but this would be purely for aesthetic purposes as the timber sleepers are all fully treated.

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